Episode 20: Beginnings After The End (10/03/15)

Very exciting news: Episode 20 is an End of the World special, with five – yes, FIVE – very special readers. Pandemics, disasters and the collapse of civilisation – plus a shedload of cocktails, and of course, brand-new stories created off-the-cuff on a theme chosen by you. All topped off with the loveliest of guest hosts, Sir James Smythe. (He’s not really a Sir. BUT HE SHOULD BE.)

M. R. CAREY is an established British writer of both novels and comic books, with several New York Times best-selling graphic novels and one Hollywood movie screenplay to his credit. He is now also the author of the brilliant THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS, which he wrote simultaneously as a novel and as a screenplay.

FRANCESCA HAIG is a writer, academic and tea-drinker, whose poetry has been widely published, and whose debut novel THE FIRE SERMON, the first in a trilogy has been described as ‘The Hunger Games meets Cormac McCarthy’s The Road‘.

ANTONIA HONEYWELL’s debut novel THE SHIP has been called a ‘a rites-of-passage novel, a love story, and a high-concept thriller’. She’s been writing all her life, and has worked at the Natural History Museum and, for ten years, as a teacher.

JOHN IRONMONGER is a writer, a zoologist, and someone who dabbles in healthcare IT. He is the author of THE NOTABLE BRAIN OF MAXIMILIAN PONDER, THE COINCIDENCE AUTHORITY and of NOT FORGETTING THE WHALE.

SARAH PINBOROUGH is a critically acclaimed award-winning thriller, horror and YA author who has had more than ten novels published. Her latest THE DEATH HOUSE has been called ‘thoughtful, rich and heart-stopping novel of life, love, and living in the face of death.’

They’ll be there, and so must you: Drink Shop Do,  March 10th, free from 7pm. Book a table to get the best ones: mail@drinkshopdo.com.

Episode 18: 11/11/14

So the end of the year approaches – for us, anyway. November is our last Speakeasy of 2014, and so to see us out in style, we’ve lined up an absolute cracker of a show for you.

As always, there’ll be cocktails, cake, the return of the Story Challenge, and also readings from THESE WONDERFUL AUTHORS:

ANTONIA HONEYWELL’s debut novel THE SHIP has been described as ‘a rites-of-passage novel, a love story, and a high-concept thriller’, and will be published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson in February next year. She’s been writing all her life, and has worked at the Natural History Museum and, for ten years, as a teacher.

LINDA MANNHEIM is the author of, among others, ABOVE SUGAR HILL (Influx Press), of which Eimear McBride has said: “Mannheim’s restive tales of her desiccated stretch of New York provoke and abide like a slap.” Her short stories have appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, New York Stories and Nimrod International Journal.

MARC BURROWS is a senior community moderator for the Guardian’s ‘Comment Is Free.’ He removes comments when the CIF hits the fan. His collection of the best and most baffling, I THINK I CAN SEE WHERE YOU’RE GOING WRONG, is published by Faber this month. He is also a stand-up comedian and bass player in the anachronistic punk band The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing.

STEPHEN DEAS was born in Southeast England and mostly brought up in a town full of retired colonels. He took to making up imaginary friends to supplement his real ones, and unlike most people never quite stopped. He currently lives in Essex and writes fantasy, science fiction and historical fiction novels. THE ROYALIST is either his thirteenth or fourteenth novel, depending on how you look at things, and his first venture into purely historical fiction.

TOM SAVAGE recently quit a successful teaching career to spend a year writing. In that time he has produced a screenplay, a novel, and several short stories. He published his debut novel, TRACKS IN THE SMOKE, this week.

See what we mean? It’s a cracker. A corker. BIG.

We’ll see you there, right? Drink, Shop, Do, November 11th, free from 7pm. Book a table by emailing mail@drinkshopdo.com.