Where they do what?

What’s all this silly business?

We—Nicci & Ian—are writers and young persons.

Every month we host a literary night at Drink Shop & Dance, the erstwhile sex-dungeon stepsister of Drink Shop & Do

Readers come and read, and they write flash fiction on a theme chosen by the audience.

There’s a shirtful of whiskey, café songs & Warren G.

It’s like a sexy Comedy Store.

Readers have included Zoe Pilger, James Smythe, Kim Curran, Stuart Evers, Lottie Moggach, Naomi Wood, David Whitehouse, Harry Man, and Laure Eve, which is already about a frillion and isn’t even exhaustive. If you happen to like exhaustive things, there’s a full list here new-tab.

This is a page for posting bumpf and bollocks about our exploits.



2 thoughts on “Where they do what?

  1. It’s not all football n’ flat caps up North, so a plea I’ve made before. We will receive you kindly, maybe drink some wine. We even promise to use good language and arrive on time. Just please, send some cultural events up here!!

    • Hi Mr/Mrs Moped—
      We promise it’s not a dig at other parts of the world – it’s just we live in London, see, so it’s easier for us to roll home full of Laphroaig.
      One day, we’ll be massive, we’ll be everywhere. Promise.
      Ian x

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