Episode 23: 09/06/15

It’s time to tell you about our June episode of Speakeasy. We are extremely happy about this one.

As always, there’ll be delicious cocktails, super special short stories crafted on the spot, and general silliness. But, most importantly, readings from these wonderful authors:

LAURA BARNETT is an arts journalist and theatre critic, and her debut novel, THE VERSIONS OF US, published this month by Weidenfeld and Nicolson, is already creating quite the stir. With rights sold in 14 territories and a TV adaptation already in the works, it’s no wonder she was selected as one of the Observer’s New Faces of Fiction.

STARK HOLBORN is a small time liquor bootlegger, purveyor of Penny Westerns and author of NUNSLINGER. Said to hail from Wichita, KS, Stark drifts between continents like a scrap of bison hide on the breeze, and is currently thought to be residing somewhere near Bristol.

LEIGH RUSSELL writes the internationally bestselling Geraldine Steel series of psychological crime thrillers, and has been hailed as ‘a brilliant talent’ by Jeffery Deaver and ‘one to watch’ by Lee Child. As well as garnering about a million rave reviews and being shortlisted pretty much everywhere, Leigh’s books have been optioned for a TV adaptation by Avalon.

FRANCES MENSAH WILLIAMS was born in Ghana and, in 2011, voted one of the Top 20 Inspirational Females from the African Diaspora in Europe. She is the author of several non-fiction titles, and now her debut novel, FROM PASTA TO PIGFOOT: ‘a powerful story of identity and self-love and empowerment’.

They’ll be there – although it’s hard to imagine how we’re going to cram quite so much talent into one room – will you be too? Tuesday 9th June, Drink Shop Do, free entry from 7pm. The first reading’s at 8 – don’t be late. To reserve a table, email mail@drinkshopdo.com.


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