Episode 21: The Open Mic One (14/04/15)

Oooh. This is something new.

For our twenty-first show, we’re opening things up a bit. Okay, a lot. Anyone and everyone – the published, the unpublished, the aspiring and the just-doing-it-cos-I-like-its – can come and read, and they can read whatever the heck they want: poetry, prose, essays, limericks. Whatever.

What we can promise you: an eager and welcoming audience, a microphone and three minutes in which to show us what you got.

What we need from you: YOU. Just you and your notebook. You can just sign up on the night (doors open at 7) OR, if you want to be super-organised (and we admire super-organised), you can email us at thatnightwheretheydowriting@gmail.com to guarantee yourself a slot.

So, the essentials: Tuesday 14th April, Drink Shop Do, 7pm. Bring yourself, bring your mates, bring your words.

We can’t wait.


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