Announcing… Episode 14

July 8th.

Drink Shop Do.

Readings from the very finest authors we could lay our grubby little mitts on.

Cocktails. Cake. And two short stories, written on the spot, with a theme chosen by you.

Now, if this listing had sound effects, you’d be hearing Eternal’s ‘Power of a Woman’. Because a) that’s a great song, b) Boots already stole ‘Here Come the Girls’, and c) July is all about the ladies:

JESSIE BURTON is an actress and author from South London. THE MINIATURIST is her first novel and tells the story of a wealthy, dysfunctional family living in Amsterdam in 1686 during the decline of the Dutch Golden Age. It’s been sold in 30 (30!) territories and has featured on Best of 2014 lists from all kinds of places, including the Observer, Stylist, Elle and Glamour.

EMMA HEALEY grew up in London where she completed her first degree in bookbinding (learning how to put books together but not how to write them). She graduated from the MA in Creative Writing: Prose at UEA in 2011, and went on to write ELIZABETH IS MISSING, her debut novel, which has been called ‘an extraordinary tale of ordinary tragedy’ by the Independent.

ELIZABETH AARON is the author of LOW EXPECTATIONS, which she rather excellently describes as ‘Girls meets The Devil Wears Prada in Dalston’. She’s now taking it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as a one-woman stand-up comedy show: ‘Low Expectations: The Unpublishable Material’. She lives and writes in Paris.

They’ll be there and you absolutely must be too. Drink Shop Do, from 7pm, free entry. Email to reserve a table.


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