Episode 13 is announced…

Good news, Challenge Fans: On June 10th, Speakeasy is coming to Drink Shop Do again. Cocktails, readings, cocktails and the all-important flash fiction challenge. Don’t tell anyone, but there’s quite often cake as well.

And this time around, we’ve got THESE crazily talented authors taking part:

M. R. CAREY is an established British writer of both novels and comic books, with several New York Times best-selling graphic novels and one Hollywood movie screenplay to his credit. He is now also the author of the brilliant THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS, which he wrote simultaneously as a novel and as a screenplay. The movie version is well under way, assisted by the BFI, and will obviously be huge – so come see him read for us and you can say you were in there first.

VIV GROSKOP is a comedian and a regular on BBC Radio 4’s Front Row. She is the author of I LAUGHED, I CRIED (Orion), a best-selling memoir about changing her life by doing 100 stand-up gigs in 100 nights (“heroic” – The Times), out now in paperback. The five-star show of the book, I Laughed, I Cried, is on at La Favorita Freestival at the Edinburgh Fringe from 1st to 15th August, and we’re super lucky to be stealing her before she goes.

TYLER KEEVIL is a novelist, screenwriter and short story writer from Vancouver. He is the author of FIREBALL, THE DRIVE, and now short story collection, BURRARD INLET. He is the winner of the Wales Book of the Year People’s Prize 2011 (he’s shortlisted this year too), and these new stories are all sorts of wonderful (as well as winning all sorts of prizes), so sit and sip and let him tell you one.

They’ll be reading, they’ll be writing, and we’d love for you to be there too: Drink Shop & Do, June 10th, from 7pm. And it’s free! Get the best seats in the house by reserving them: mail@drinkshopdo.com


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